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About US

About Us (Home)
With over10 years experience we keep adding diversified products and service into printing Industry, providing customers a whole pre-press solution.  Integrated R&D, manufacture and marketing as a whole, we also supply clients customized products and service based on a principle of client priority.
About management, we insist on “people oriented” to form a normative management mode, which bring us a professional technical team, a dedicated sales team and a efficient service team.
About business, we insist on “integrity  ......more→
Our Advantages (Home)
Talent is the core value of the enterprise, India Ming adhering to the "people-oriented" concept, to absorb and train a large number of talent, the establishment of a highly efficient R & D team, and strengthen cooperation with foreign technology, product technology in a number of international leadership The
India's products are spare parts are used in the international top spare parts suppliers to ensure the stability of the . ......more→


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